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Bar Handles

A modern design on a handles that can be just one element of your showpiece kitchen

What is a bar handle

The bar handle has become more popular in the last decade or so. It is sturdy, glamorous and yet compliments a wide variety of different cabinets. A bar handle is suitable for a the more contemporary style of kitchen, and the variety of sizes can really pull out wonderful features of the kitchen in one felt swoop.

How do you style your bar handle

Sounds like a strange questions, but styling your handle means, how do you know what is the right size for the cabinets/kitchen doors you have. Well, Stefano and his team guide you all the way with this, but if you wanted to get a rough idea, measure out 18 inches on what would be your widest draws for a horizontal bar handle to give you a sense of what that size can add to features.

Are you looking for inspiration for your handle choices? Then visit our Pinterest handles page, or ask us in store.

What are the do’s and don’ts?

There are no hard and fast rules really, once again, a kitchen is an individual taste and style, and we will be there every step of the way to ensure that you get the look and feel you want from your kitchen area so that it makes the whole process of buying a kitchen a stress free one.

Benefits of a bar handle?
With it’s shape, it is easier to style across a variety of doors and because it is available in a variety of sizes, it truly is as versatile as you could imagine it to be. This particular style comes in a variety of finishes and colours that match materials and your kitchen beautifully. With a bit of thought, the biggest benefit is the overall look and feel to your living space.


Modern design applied to the a variety of styles and colours around the home.

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  • Over 100 handles to choose from
  • Different finishes for different tastes
  • Advice throughout whole design phase

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