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Cutlery Storage

From the fork to the hand held mixers and ice cream scoops, cutlery storage has come a long way

Cutlery storage in kitchens has developed over the years to the point where we have had customers wanting specific draws for their G&T mixers or home bakery inserts as a main feature whilst providing a functional aspect to their kitchen requirements.

Whether it is setting a draw for basic cutlery to more chef like equipment we have solutions that can make your kitchen clutter-free and easy to manage and maintain.

Deep drawer sets for example, have become a way to organise the more heavy duty items in your household. Pan storage solutions are a key essential component to any modern living kitchen.

Whether it is a wooden knife slot solution to a draw that can accommodate lots of cutlery for big and small, we have a wide range of solutions available in our showroom to look at and an even wider range of storage supplier solutions that will help make all the difference to your cutlery needs.

Do you have lots of cereal boxes? Do you love pasta? Are you a bit of a cookie monster? We’ve all been there and we know how difficult it is to organise all of these different things in your draw. Kitchen drawer dividers for example can bring simplicity to these types of solutions; keeping your produce upright, accessible and tidy, all at once.

Want to be inspired?
Are you looking for more inspiration when it comes to your kitchen storage solutions? Why not pay us a visit at our Chester based showroom in the village of Waverton. Our showroom has the latest in kitchen designs, a state of the art, fully working kitchen – unlike anything else on display in the Cheshire area.

But what about those looking to get more ideas, more insights, more… everything? Well, we have our social media accounts which you can check at your leisure. Our Pinterest boards have some great choice and our storage solutions board will definitely interest you.


With more cutlery than your smart phone could handle, being organised has become a kitchen priority.

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