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One Piece Lighting

When it comes to choosing kitchen lighting you want to consider a variety of things that will bring together the overall look and feel of your kitchen


When it comes to illuminating a room, one piece lighting is one of the many design solutions for you. This is because one piece lighting can be a real stand alone feature as well as providing a swathe of lit area features that really make the kitchen stand out.

Natural light

One of the big questions to ask yourself is how much natural light is there in your current kitchen situation? How much natural light will there be after work is completed? Are you having an extension or bay windows installed? Are you moving the location of your kitchen to a well light area and so on.

By understanding where the natural light is, especially in your kitchen area, you can start to take advantage of design knowledge from Stefano and his team as to how much light fittings you will genuinely need.

Artificial light

The second question around kitchen lighting is how much artificial light will you need to get together the overall lighting need in your house to really glow.

One of the main considerations then comes to style of artificial light, where it is placed, and even the colour of the light, which can have a dramatic effect of how you live in your kitchen and how you utilise this both for design and function.

Once you have have these two components of kitchen lighting in your mind, Stefano and his team will work with you to get the best balance. From under unit LED lighting to lower plinth features and even more subtle solutions which could be interior design led from the team at Stefano De Blasio Kitchens & Interiors. Whether it is square plinth lights or over cooker featurettes, we have the ideas and solutions to help you on your journey.

Want to be inspired?
Are you looking for more inspiration when it comes to your kitchen lighting solutions? Why not pay us a visit at our Chester based showroom in the village of Waverton. Our showroom has the latest in kitchen designs, a state of the art, fully working kitchen – unlike anything else on display in the Cheshire area.

But what about those looking to get more ideas, more insights, more… everything? Well, we have our social media accounts which you can check at your leisure. Our Pinterest boards have some great choice and our lighting board will definitely interest you.


Think about the mixture of natural and artificial light.

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