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Pan Storage

The pan draw has become one of the key design features of a modern day kitchen

Pan storage in kitchens has developed over the years. We’ve had requests for some very specific weight limits to cast iron chef quality pans looking for a home rather than hung up or placed precariously on a side unit. Pan storage is equally important in most modern kitchens today as a good appliance or worktop because of the function they perform in the heart of the home.

From professional equipment to the family baker, the pan draw can house large and small pots and pans to accommodate all of your needs.

As with the cutlery storage, pan storage has become a way to organise the more heavy duty items in your household. Pan storage solutions are a key essential component to any modern living kitchen.

Whether it is a small pan storage solution to larger, integrated elements, we have a wide range of solutions available in our showroom to look at and an even wider range of storage supplier solutions that will help make all the difference to your cutlery needs.

Are you the next Jamie? Do you have a penchant for one pot cooking? Is coq au vin your signature dish? Pan drawer storage brings simplicity to these types of solutions; keeping your pans nice and organised, accessible and tidy, all at once.


Pan draws are the perfect solution for those looking to maximise their space and keep their kitchen organised.

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