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Pantry Storage

Pantry storage is one of the most functional and unique ways to keep your produce together in one great space

Pantry storage is the new way to organise your dry and wet goods without compromising on the essentials of stunning kitchen design. From the cookie monsters to the flour jars and home bakers, pantry storage is nothing new, but how it is brought together in modern kitchen design has changed for the better over the years.

Whether you need to store ten or one hundred items, pantry storage is the clever, functional, design effective way to make the most out of your unique living space.

Pantry storage has become on the most unique ways to store items on the inside of doors, the easiest way to build extra storage capacity to make the most of your living space and the easiest way to make day to day ingredients the features of your cooking showpieces.

Whether you have kilner jars full of your favourite spices or plastic containers full of your favourite pasta shape, what is key is how to store them without compromising the look and feel of your exceptional kitchen. Pantry storage is just another way for us, at Stefano De Blasio Kitchens & Interiors to show how we think differently about space and design.

Do you have lots of cereal boxes? Do you love pasta? Are you a bit of a cookie monster? We’ve all been there and we know how difficult it is to organise all of these different things in your kitchen. Pantry storage can bring simplicity to these types of solutions; keeping your produce accessible and tidy, all at once.


From cookie jars to pasta boxes, your spice rack will never be the same again with pantry storage.

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