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Round Handles

Round handles suit the modern and classic kitchen without compromise

What is a round handle?

A round handle is traditionally and typically as it says, round. In terms of overall size and styling to cupboards, they tend to be small, indiscreet but can suit a variety of doors. Seen traditionally on more traditional doors and materials like oak and painted wooden kitchens, round handles provide a wonderful contrast to square lines, softening the kitchen door look and feel.

Stylish, soft and drawing the eye to the beauty of the kitchen on display, the round handle has a way of bringing together all the elements in your kitchen, whether that is worktop, appliance or accessories.

How do you style your round handle?

Unlike your bar or bow handles, and more like the square handle, the round handle needs little styling but more of a consideration on placement with the rest of your kitchen look and feel. Certainly you will want to keep an eye on internal decoration with square handles as this will have an effect on what the overall look and feel of your interior living space will take.

What are the do’s and don’ts?

There are no hard and fast rules really, once again, a kitchen is an individual taste and style, and we will be there every step of the way to ensure that you get the look and feel you want from your kitchen area so that it makes the whole process of buying a kitchen a stress free one.

Want to be inspired?
Are you looking for more inspiration when it comes to your kitchen handle solutions? Why not pay us a visit at our Chester based showroom in the village of Waverton. Our showroom has the latest in kitchen designs, a state of the art, fully working kitchen – unlike anything else on display in the Cheshire area.

But what about those looking to get more ideas, more insights, more… everything? Well, we have our social media accounts which you can check at your leisure. Our Pinterest boards have some great choice and our handles board will definitely interest you.


From the traditional shaker door to the new modern features, round handles have a natural charm and beauty.

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