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Kitchen Tiles

How To Use Tiles In The Kitchen

27th November 2018/ admin /

For years, new kitchen owners have had to choose whether or not they wanted to go with tiles to finish off their kitchen look. In the last decade however, this idea of the “minimalist design” has left many simply forgoing on tiles, and looking to backsplash and full wall cladding as an option. Thankfully however, […]


3 Kitchen Trends That Will Be Around in 2019

17th November 2018/ admin /

There are kitchens, and then there are kitchen trends. The first is what it is, a kitchen. Here you cook, eat, share family time and then, ultimately spend time at a party! We all do it. Then there are kitchen trends, the things that determine whether or not the new kitchen you are buying, are […]


November Supper Club 2018

6th November 2018/ admin /

The weather has definitely changed, the nights are getting colder, we have daylight for only a few hours and yet the one thing that doesn’t change at this time of the year is the incredible ways we can prepare food in our November supper club. We’re back after a slight hiatus, we’ve been working on […]

Dual Colour Scheme

Dual Colour Scheme Trends

16th October 2018/ admin /

Choosing the perfect colour scheme for a kitchen can be one of the most important decisions you can make when purchasing your designer kitchen. The layout is the most important aspect, but when it comes to the overall look, nothing will matter more than how the colours all balance in the grand scheme of the […]


How to use a slow cooker

3rd October 2018/ admin /

The slow cooker is one of those much-maligned kitchen items. You buy it, or some kind soul buys one for you, thinking you’ll save time and effort in your already busy life. Next thing you know, it’s gathering dust following one too many “dish water” dinners, with your precious meat and two veg swimming in […]