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Kitchen Remodelling Ideas For Your Home

14th August 2017/ admin /

So, you’ve decided you’re going to do some kitchen remodelling but don’t know where to begin. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place for that touch of inspiration and getting some ideas pieced together for your next big home project. But what is kitchen remodelling and how does it differ to let’s say, kitchen redesign […]


How To Get Ideas For Your Kitchen

8th August 2017/ admin /

One of the biggest barriers for people on deciding their new kitchen is actually having ideas on a whole variety of things; kitchen colours, to worktops. Will the appliances be integrated or freestanding? Will you opt for extending your kitchen or will you be changing the layout completely. Having clear ideas on what you want […]


August Supper Club

4th August 2017/ admin /

August. Whether you’re jetting off for a week or two or enjoying the usual summer fayre that is the August holidays there is one thing that is for sure; August is a time when you start to shell out on barbecue food, shared platters and develop a taste for the “get together” with friends and […]


Designing Your Kitchen In A Square Room

25th July 2017/ admin /

There has been a design trend that has taken over most kitchen companies in the last two years or so; the square room design. You will have seen this all over the design magazines, facebook pages, heck even competitors. We get it, they are easy rooms to design in, for the most part. But a […]


Strawberries & Cream, It Must Be Wimbledon!

10th July 2017/ admin /

We’re into the second week of Wimbledon, strawberries and cream have been consumed and the tennis shining bright. Andy Murray is still flying the British flag, Federer is as graceful as a ballerina, Djokovic like Stretch Armstrong and Nadal keeps messing with his hair. Stop it. Obviously we can’t forget Johanna Konta proudly flying the […]