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Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger: Part 1

Whether you are going through a complete alteration of your kitchen and dining space, or just replacing your kitchen with a fully fitted solution, then the quest for your kitchen to look bigger is one that designers and homeowners are constantly searching for. Bigger means more space to do the things that matter. From great […]

Praise be the Breakfast Bar!

With the rise of the island unit, the spur of germanic styling and the tall housing units sweeping across the internet like your morning toast and jam, there is one fallen hero of design that we are seeing a Da Vincian renaissance in, the humble breakfast bar. Forget Thatcher, the great storm that Michael Fish […]

Alternative Storage Solutions For The Kitchen

Earlier this week we spoke about losing wall units, but if you were to choose this particular style or were forced into fewer wall units due to technical limitations the question that needs answering is, “what alternative storage solutions can I have?” Thanks to the internet, new inventions, old inventions and Instagram envy, we know […]

Should I Have Kitchen Wall Units?

There is a new design trend taking shape across the country, wall units, or moreover, no wall units are becoming big business. It has long been established, even by fitted kitchen specialists like ourselves how a kitchen must have wall units of some sort but are we going to start seeing something different in the […]

Top Tips For The Aperol Spritz

Welcome to another Bank Holiday and as we write this, the weather forecast for Chester means only one thing, it’s aperol spritz time! Yes, the sun is out, the barbecue is in full swing and you’re looking for the drink to bring your summer alive, all in time for the second May bank holiday. It’s […]

National Vegetarian Week Desserts

Our final look at National Vegetarian Week is all about desserts. Now, we can already guess what you’re about to say about vegetarian desserts, aren’t they just desserts? Well, effectively yes. There are few if any at all which contain animal meats. Of course though, what you want to look out for are ingredients which […]

National Vegetarian Week Mains

The second in our look at vegetarian dishes is all about main courses and what you can achieve with different ingredients and maximising texture combinations. According to data produced by the NHS, “It’s estimated that around 2% of the UK population is vegetarian, which is more than 1.2 million people. Teenagers make up the highest […]

May Supper Club

Summer is just around the corner, Wimbledon is not that far away and of course, everyone is gearing up for The World Cup but we are still in May and that means two things; two bank holidays and of course, it’s British Asparagus season. Asparagus for any supper club is a big event, but British […]

The Beauty Of A Handless Kitchen Door

When it comes to kitchen styles, there is one door that has, for the last year at least, really taken off; the handleless design. It was the rage in the 70’s, the idea that we could have kitchens with no handles and bring about the space race from Houston, Texas into our own homes. We […]

5 Cyber Monday Kitchen Gadgets Worth The Money

You’ve heard of Black Friday, and you’re probably fed up of it… we totally understand, but Cyber Monday which is, today is the thing that anyone who loves their kitchen and their kitchen gadgets is something that we can all get behind. Over the years from raclette machines to sous vide wands, we as kitchen […]