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Davenport Buttermilk

A traditional look for those searching for elegant simplicity

When it comes to elegant simplicity, the Davenport Buttermilk is the traditional kitchen design style you have been looking for. Framed door, vinyl wrapped ensuring quality throughout the production and installation and a simple yet striking finish that will keep the style conscious happy and the keen observers impressed in its simplicity.

Buttermilk coloured kitchens have been a constant in kitchen design in the last fifteen years or possibly longer, but what has really changed is the variation in materials, look and finish. Previously, a hard colour to establish continuity, now a staple for kitchen design, look and feel, and yes, we have got it spot on with how we incorporate the look and feel of a buttermilk kitchen into your home. We’ve installed many buttermilk kitchens over the years and the striking elegance that the colours of the units can offset with worktop materials and decorations around the living space really make a statement about you and your home.

If you were to take a look at the latest trends on social media, we use Pinterest to help with design styles, you will see that buttermilk has, and remains a strong colour for those looking to bring in lighter palettes into the kitchen. Of course, around Chester and Cheshire, we see many country homes as well as new builds and some fantastic Huf haus inspired designs and you would be surprised to see the lighter colour palettes still used to great effect. So when it comes to bring the lightness of buttermilk into your home, the Davenport Buttermilk is one of the many choices you could make.

With a proven material for finish, you know that this buttermilk kitchen won’t let you down in both quality and final look. This is important to us, for 25 years we have ensured that all of our clients get a stunning look and feel, giving them an exceptional kitchen every time.


Vinyl wrapped door in a buttermilk colour finish. A traditional look for those searching for elegant simplicity in the house.

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  • Vinyl wrapped door
  • Free project management
  • Stunning buttermilk finish
  • Free home measure
  • 20 year guarantee
  • Mixing the classical with the new

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