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Davenport Painted

Elegant, smooth painted doors, with an inframe style to match any home.

One of three in the Davenport style and range, this, the Davenport Painted is where all the designs for the others begin. It’s about keeping the elegant and smooth painted door in tradition and style with the rest of your living space.

Available in fifteen colours including; Ivory, Oyster, Light Blue, Green, Sage Grey, Light Grey, White, Taupe, Steel Blue, Hickory, Aubergine, Limestone, Sandstone, Oxford Blue & Anthracite. You will be sure to find the look and finish of your dream classical kitchen in one of these stunning colours in the Davenport range.

Why do design magazines love a painted door? Why is Pinterest abuzz with multi-toned looks and finishes? Well, it comes down to this, colour is the key to a great living space. Whether it is subtle, and done for fashion purposes, bright and done because it reflects you, your character, your own unique charm or whether it is done because you want to pull together style, design and function, painted kitchens, like the Davenport range are there to give you that precise look and feel.

So how does the Davenport Painted compare to the painted door standards that we seen in other kitchens and across showrooms? Exceptionally well, ranked amongst the best in painted kitchen cabinets and doors in the country, we are exclusive retailers of this door in the Chester area and are proud to exhibit this door. Alongside our exclusive partnership with the Charles Rennie Mackintosh range, we can say that when it comes to painted kitchen doors and materials we are the chosen retailer by the country’s best.

With a proven material for finish, you know that this Davenport kitchen won’t let you down in both quality and final look. This is important to us, for 25 years we have ensured that all of our clients get a stunning look and feel, giving them an exceptional kitchen every time.


Painted MDF finished doors available in fifteen colours. Want to develop the look and feel of your home? This is a great starting place.

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  • Painted MDF finished doors
  • Free project management
  • Stunning painted finishes
  • Free home measure
  • 20 year guarantee
  • Makes your living space shine

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