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Davenport Platinum White

A traditional white kitchen done with a unique style and taste

The final in the Davenport style and range, this, the Davenport Platinum White is the a grounding in classic kitchen design, platinum white finish and a door style suitable for the style enthusiast in the home.

White kitchens are nothing new, after all, take a look at the majority of social media posts and design magazines and you will see a trend of white kitchens coming back into style with some unique designs and shapes. Of course square doors are the rage, but the with the Davenport kitchen style, you start to get a bit more of a classical design and finish for your traditional kitchen space.

Why is white popular nowadays? Well, there are many reasons. Here are just some ideas we have on the subject. From pop culture (i.e. Nordic noir) to scandinavian design over the last quarter century in how we live in our homes and use furniture as extension of that to, white is a timeless colour and can easily be palette matched to many different styles around your living space.

The Davenport Platinum White is therefore not only a traditional kitchen for the design enthusiast, but it also manages to reach out to the modern design lover that wants to bring a sense of new into the home without changing too much of their original look and feel. So what makes the Davenport Platinum White a great kitchen?

This lacquered finish on MDF is a great design and practical style for those looking to live in their home as well as just stare at the wonderful layout and design that Stefano and his team bring you to every kitchen made. This is important to us, for 25 years we have ensured that all of our clients get a stunning look and feel, giving them an exceptional kitchen every time.


Lacquered finish on MDF in a striking platinum white. Want to develop the look and feel of your home? This is a great starting place.

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  • Lacquered finish on MDF
  • Free project management
  • Stunning painted finishes
  • Free home measure
  • 20 year guarantee
  • Makes your living space shine

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