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Fusion Gloss Cashmere

Neutral tones in a modern kitchen, the new wave of kitchen design and colour

Taking the latest in colour palette, modern design, elegant finish and a clean lines, this modern kitchen has a bit of everything when it comes to style and function, we introduce you to the exclusive Fusion Gloss Cashmere.

What makes the Fusion Gloss Cashmere so popular? Simplicity is part of the answer. After 25 years as a kitchen retailer in Cheshire, we have understood that one of the key aspects of buying any kitchen is simplicity. Simplicity in choice, simplicity in style, simplicity in function; the Gloss Cashmere fulfils the brief beautifully. We however think there is something else that makes deciding on a kitchen an important factor, and that’s elegance.

Kitchen elegance and design is a key component of any kitchen you may ever buy, and we’ve understood over the years the simple elements of the trade that make the biggest differences when it comes to buying an elegant kitchen, firstly, it needs to look the part. That means it needs to be in fashion, in keeping with the latest styles and trends, the second you achieve this through colour and style of your kitchen, you have achieved part of the elegance conundrum. The second part of it? Well, that’s the personal touches you bring to the kitchen. How do you live? Do you need lots of additional under unit lighting or what style worktops are you going to choose. All of this has an impact.

The Fusion Gloss Cashmere also has one wonderful feature that we really think adds to the overall look and feel, it’s handle-less. This kitchen design trend really is a big thing nowadays and we think, it looks absolutely stunning.

When it comes to deciding on different doors, colour palettes and finishing touches, this is where things can become complicated, that’s why we’re here to help you. From interior styling to giving you an understanding of what can and what can’t work, that’s where our experience of being around for over 25 years comes into place. Want to be inspired? Visit our Pinterest page. Want to ask a question, give us a call or visit our showroom in Waverton.

For us, great style comes from simple things and the kitchen design in the Fusion Gloss Cashmere is just an interpretation of this.


A high-gloss lacquer finish on MDF with integral J-pull handle.

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  • Beautiful neutral kitchen colour
  • Modern design and finish
  • Handle-less door

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