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Fusion Gloss Light Grey

Another beautiful kitchen from the Fusion Gloss range this time, in Light Grey

The Fusion Gloss Light Grey is another fine example of bringing the features of a striking gloss door into a modern kitchen environment.

The Fusion Gloss Light Grey is part of the Fusion Gloss Family which includes, anthracite, cashmere, grey and white. With the variety of colours available in this range, the opportunities to mix and match colours and use lighter tones for your larger areas whilst your showpieces can be in a striking darker shade such as anthracite or grey really can bring out your new exceptional kitchen from Stefano De Blasio.

Why do we love gloss doors? Well, we love all the kitchens we have ever installed, even in the times in the early 90’s when we spray painted pink onto oak doors as part of our unique kitchen ranges back then. Gloss doors didn’t get a good reputation until a few years ago, we have seen some great and not so great examples over the years, but now, the quality of the doors we install are exceptional. It used to be that gloss doors would be hard to maintain, i.e. they would stain easily or the nature of how they were made would see the doors peel and so on. We can happily say, a lot of those issues are now gone.

One of the things we love the most about a gloss kitchen door, like the Fusion Gloss Light Grey is how bright everything seems when it is installed. Gloss kitchens have a way of reflecting light to give the living space a warm and large appeal. Still looking for inspiration? Why not check out our Pinterest board?

The Fusion Gloss Light Grey is another example of great kitchen design and quality that fulfils a modern kitchen design brief. At Stefano De Blasio Kitchens & Interiors, we have spent years bringing together this kind of wonderful style and colour palette to achieve the exceptional kitchen standards we have built over the years.


A high-gloss lacquer finish in a gorgeous light grey on MDF with integral J-pull handle.

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  • Striking light grey high gloss colour
  • Modern design and finish
  • Wonderful as a show piece

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