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Fusion Gloss White

The highest standard in White Gloss kitchens in a stunning linear design

White gloss kitchens are possibly one of the first styles of kitchens that people will have in their home, but this, the Fusion Gloss White is a real tip of the hat to visual beauty and scandinavian design influence.

Look across social media like Instagram and Pinterest and you are awashed with sights of white gloss kitchens. Done properly, they look stunning and the Fusion Gloss White is precisely the kitchen to excel in the white gloss department. Handleless, stunning lines and a simplicity that is undersold on first impressions, with the Fusion Gloss White kitchen you are getting the best in kitchen style and design.

Why is gloss white so popular as a kitchen colour. It was one of the first ever doors to be done in gloss, and most new kitchens that were being installed in the late 80’s and early 90’s featured a gloss white kitchen. They look clean, functional, easy to live in and stunning… when done correctly! There was a bit of love loss for gloss white kitchens in the mid 90’s until recently, but here we have the Fusion Gloss White and we know how good a product it is; or else we wouldn’t sell it.

It’s clean lines, handleless features and visually capturing shapes such as the curved radius doors or internal curves brings together the best of modern kitchen design in what is one of the most classic gloss looks. Do you want to get an indication of what a handleless gloss white kitchen like the Fusion Gloss White can give you? Why not visit our Pinterest page to see what we can do for you.

The Fusion Gloss White is another example of great kitchen design and quality that fulfils a modern kitchen design brief. At Stefano De Blasio Kitchens & Interiors, we have spent years bringing together this kind of wonderful style and colour palette to achieve the exceptional kitchen standards we have built over the years.


A high-gloss lacquer finish in a stunning white on MDF with integral J-pull handle.

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  • Striking white high gloss colour
  • Modern design and finish
  • Wonderful as a show piece

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