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A stunning buttermilk shaker style kitchen perfect for a traditional kitchen

The shaker style kitchen in this Harvard range shows what it means to mix contemporary colours with a classic style door.

Buttermilk, like Ivory and cream as a colour really suits the warmer palette and tone spectrum that most traditional kitchens look for with the added benefit of having a light coloured kitchen to begin with; you can get the impression of having a bigger room and introduce more light into your new living space than you ever imagined you could have before.

This more traditional style from the Harvard range brings together the basics of beautiful kitchen design whilst focusing on a more contemporary feel. Over the years we have seen very similar styles come into our own showroom and really appeal to those looking for a shaker door but move a little bit more towards a contemporary final feel.

What makes a kitchen a personal space? Is it the choice of door? How about worktops? Accessories? Your kitchen is the beating heart of the home, what makes it yours is what you add to it, not what any company can do. For example, Stefano loves his Moka coffee, the traditional neapolitan way of having an espresso, that for him made his kitchen space his own. So what would make your kitchen, your own?

In the last 25 years we have understood the design market around shaker kitchens and this is a unique design and style that we are happy to have as part of our exclusive range. In Stefano’s nearly 50 years of experience in the industry, he has seen the quality of this product and will happily put his name to the excellent finish and design of this beautiful kitchen door.


A PVC foil laminated on MDF

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  • Shaker design and style
  • Mixing old with new
  • The highest marks in elegance and beauty

Appliances, Worktops & Accessories

Want the latest appliances with your kitchen? What worktop will suit this design? How do I make a Moka coffee for those fast weekdays or lazy weekends? We can help you with that.

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