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Ivory Prelude

A beautiful contemporary twist on a stunning classical design

This shaker style kitchen done in the Ivory Prelude combines one of the finest, traditional designs and brings it to life in this stunning contemporary twist.

From the ivory colour to the little details in the door, this modern day interpretation of a classic shaker kitchen really hits home. Personalisation is how you can make something look so unique when you think about things such as handles, worktops and even artisan accessories. We have completed several projects in the Ivory Prelude and the finish has been exceptional every time.

Why is this traditional door so popular? We think a large part of it is the colour. Ivory matches so many different colours and compliments appliances to stove top Moka coffee makers and such, that helps it be the kind of kitchen it is, one where you can spend time and enjoy your precious moments because it doesn’t overwhelm you, moreover, this kitchen welcomes you into a new way of spending your time, be it with family, friends or those precious solitary moments when you are gathering your thoughts for the day.

The kitchen has become an extension of our habits as well as establishing them, so when you are welcomed into a warm and elegant shaker kitchen like the Ivory Prelude, you know that you will spend your time in a truly unique setting and place.

For us, the kitchen is more than just having a beautiful piece of furniture, it’s about understanding that the kitchen is a place where you live, eat, cook, have friends over for meals, parties and so much more. A kitchen is an extension of who you really are and that’s what we set out to do with every project we undertake here at Stefano De Blasio Kitchens & Interiors.

Over the last 25 years, Stefano and his team has delivered top quality craftsmanship around the North West, even across Europe so they know a thing or two about quality materials and design, this, the Ivory Prelude ticks all of those boxes and gets a firm endorsement from the team at Stefano De Blasio Kitchens & Interiors.


A PVC foil wrapped shaker door

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  • Shaker design and style
  • Mixing old with new
  • Stunning Ivory colours

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