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Logica Gloss Grey

Beautiful grey designed kitchen for those looking to make a statement

Another stunning gloss door in the Logica Gloss range. This, the Logica Gloss Grey variety really brings about the modern look without compromising on quality or style and design.

Available in six colours including; cashmere, ivory, light grey, stone and black. Unlike the handleless variety in the Fusion ranges we have, this, the logica gloss grey really does everything to show the best of gloss door style and design with the additional thought of pairing things like handles that will also influence your worktops and so on.

Grey, like the cashmere variety has become extremely popular in recent years, they are however rather different. The cashmere is from the warmer colour spectrum whilst the grey is on the cooler side, however what the grey allows you to do is combine different colours and pair with contrasting, bolder, light palettes that give you a sense of grandeur and style, suitable for creating a show piece kitchen and environment in one location. Not sure how a grey kitchen may look in your home? Why not give us a call or visit our Pinterest channel to be inspired!

Why do we love the Logica Gloss Grey? Simple, it’s easy to look at, provides a statement for the home and gives you something different that either a white gloss or black gloss kitchen; and as we said, you can mix and match with the Gloss Grey precisely with the Gloss white for a striking effect in your exceptional kitchen and living space.

After 25 years we have come to appreciate what works in your living space and we understand design, practicality and function like no one else. We consider lighting, and ease of use across the whole kitchen area, that’s why when you speak to Stefano and his team, you get a fair, balanced and no pressured view as to what you can do to have the most exceptional kitchen of your dreams.


A PVC foil laminated slab door available in 6 colours

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  • Available in 6 colours
  • Feature design and door
  • Perfect colour for mixing with others

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