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Opaco Painted

A smooth painted modern kitchen with cutting-edge design for the contemporary design lover

The opaco painted takes the best of contemporary design and combines it with the highest of qualities, materials and craftsmanship to give you a truly stunning contemporary kitchen product and design.

Available in fifteen colours including; White, Ivory, Oyster, Light Blue, Green, Sage Grey, Light Grey, Taupe, Steel Blue, Hickory, Aubergine, Sandstone, Limestone, Oxford Blue & Anthracite this stunning kitchen delivers in looks, finish and the versatility you would expect from an exceptional kitchen.

Painted door ranges tend to have a light or heavy wood graining and in more recent years, the shaker door has taken the mantle for painted, but this, the Opaco Painted door is different. Smooth, no grain and delivering in the stakes of exceptional design, quality, style and finish. Mixing and matching is not a problem with this type of door. In fact, we recommend you think about this possible radical change to your kitchen to give you a unique finish that you may never have considered.

The kitchen on display in our images here is in fact a mixture of two different colours in the same range; as you can see, this has a dramatic impact and yet the uniform kitchen worktop makes the kitchen look simply stunning.

Mixing your kitchen doors is a bold move for anyone, and here at Stefano De Blasio Kitchens & Interiors, we’re here to help you with that decision if you were to go that way. Do you want to see what this could potentially look like? Why not check out our Pinterest page for some design inspiration?

Like we said, it is a bold move to get your kitchen doors to mix and match but the effects can leave you and your friends talking for years on how different and impressive such a look can be. Even by changing the wall units to a wooden finish with the bottom units in an Opaco Painted, you will still achieve the exceptional kitchen look when done the right way.

The Opaco Painted lends itself exceptionally to this kind of style and design and we have to say, it’s one of our favourite looks and feels to a modern contemporary kitchen design and style.

After 25 years we have come to appreciate what works in your living space and we understand design. Whether it is just a question of developing your space or creating that truly unique kitchen living area to do everything you’ve ever wanted to do, we are the team to make that happen for you.


A painted finish door on MDF

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  • Available in 15 painted colours
  • Sets a stunning base for an exceptional kitchen
  • Feature design and door

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