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Richmond Painted

A beautiful painted ash framed door with a veneered center panel that is the highest quality of shaker kitchen

Bringing together the painted door with a shaker style and using only the finest ash frames and a soft chamfered edging, the Richmond Painted is a door that highlights beauty and design.

Available in 15 colours including, White, Ivory, Oyster, Light Blue, Green, Sage Grey, Light Grey, Taupe, Steel Blue, Hickory, Aubergine, Limestone, Sandstone, Oxford Blue & Anthracite this is really one of the best shaker kitchens we have had the privilege to sell and demonstrate to all of our customers.

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What makes the shaker Richmond Painted stand out for us? The ash frames, the chamfered paint work on the edges, the attention to detail to get everything right, all the time, but that’s not all. It’s the versatility that you may reserve for a flat door that you get with the Richmond Painted that we are most happy about.

Mixing the colours between your floor and wall units makes all the difference in today’s design trendy mindset and it may not have been as easy with a shaker style kitchen, but that is simply not the case with the Richmond Painted. It’s unique choice of colours, the quality control and the vision to be able to mix and match contrasting and beautifully developed colours with a more traditional door brings this style right to the forefront of modern design.

25 years of experience means that we understand design and how it blends in with how you live your life, your daily needs, what helps you tick and what helps you get through your day, especially when you get home from a hard day’s work. We recommend the Richmond Painted shaker kitchen to those looking for the traditional but also looking to make something special out of it at the same time.


Solid painted ash frames available in 15 colours with a veneered, centre panel

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  • Shaker design and style
  • Mixing old with new
  • The highest marks in elegance and beauty

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