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Shaker Gloss Stone

Striking one piece shaker gloss door in a stunning stone colour

Never heard of the Shaker Gloss Stone? Well, take a traditional shaker kitchen door and piece it with a glossy finish and a contemporary colour, that is what the Shaker Gloss Stone is.

This combines two of the things that we get asked a lot in our exclusive showroom in Waverton; what would a gloss finish on a shaker kitchen look like and, what would it look like in a less than traditional colour. We’re glad to say, we have an answer with the Shaker Gloss Stone.

We love this door because not only does it fulfil our customer’s needs, it’s a stunning door to look at and to work with. Combined with a beautiful handle and worktop this elevates the gloss door market considerably and we’re happy to work with such beautiful materials.

Stone as a colour has become more popular in recent years. Like Ivory or Buttermilk, this colour brings about the best of a light coloured kitchen whilst maintaining that warmth that a bit of a darker colour traditionally brings to a home. Light coloured kitchens give you the best illusion of space, and flow in kitchen design, and it is not lost with this Shaker Gloss Stone.

How do you decide on your kitchen colour? One of the best ways is to understand your living environment and what you want to achieve. We’ve written about this on our blog, why not take a look and see how you can achieve the look you are going for. From neutral to bold colours, we have everything you need to make you get the exceptional kitchen you deserve.

25 years of experience means that we understand design and how it blends in with how you live your life, your daily needs, what helps you tick and what helps you get through your day, especially when you get home from a hard day’s work. We recommend the Richmond Painted shaker kitchen to those looking for the traditional but also looking to make something special out of it at the same time.


PVC foil laminated on MDF

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  • Shaker design and style
  • Mixing old with new
  • The highest marks in elegance and beauty

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