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Shaker Natural Wood

Combining stunning oak materials in a contemporary, eye catching design

By combining stunning oak materials with a contemporary shaker kitchen design, this Shaker Natural Wood has become a popular kitchen style at Stefano De Blasio Kitchens & Interiors. We think it’s down to a variety of things.

Firstly, the materials. This, a solid oak frame with veneered centre is of the highest quality and, one of the premium doors you can expect to receive in solid wood kitchens. The veneered centre panel is an important thing to note and some kitchen companies may not tell you why, but we will. By bringing together an oak frame and veneered centre panel you get the best of both worlds in terms of material quality and design application.

There is no such thing as a solid wood curved door; and this is important. By having the finest quality materials brought together, you get the quality assurance that your kitchen is being fitted and designed with the best materials available at the heart of kitchen manufacturing, style and design. You also get to see, how, by having curved outer and inner doors, what beautiful effects can be had with thought, design contemplation and materials in all areas of your kitchen.

As a trained cabinet maker, Stefano has seen many wood effect products over the years and this, the Shaker Natural Wood is one of the most impressive new wood designs that Stefano has delivered to his customers. Understanding materials, how they work in certain lights, conditions and how functional they are for the customer is one of the things that being a cabinet maker can truly give you; Stefano applies all of this knowledge and experience to his kitchen designs.

Wood and wood effect are also materials that Stefano and his team are thoroughly knowledgeable in. Wood as a material and colour lends itself to a variety of interior colour styles and choices. Light coloured worktops work just as well as darker material choices. Walls can work with subtle, nuanced colours or bold & striking for maximum effect. Whatever your decisions, Stefano and his team can help with these choices to help give you the truly exceptional kitchen you have always dreamed of.

For over 25 years, Stefano and his team have delivered exceptional kitchens to homes across Chester, Cheshire, the North West and even Europe; if there is a question you have, you can be sure to find an answer with Stefano De Blasio Kitchens & Interiors.


Solid oak frame with oak veneered centre panel

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  • Shaker design and style
  • Woodgrain effect
  • Beautiful and versatile finish

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