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White Satin

A stunning, understated white satin door for those that love the clean white finish!

Taking the simplicity of a traditional white kitchen and elevating it to new heights, this, the White Satin in our exclusive kitchen range at Stefano De Blasio Kitchens & Interiors is a real showstopper.

Unlike the white gloss kitchens, or the shaker door styles customers are traditionally used to, this, the White Satin is a stunning and understated kitchen that brings together the beauty of a painted door in a contemporary finish.

But why do we love it so much, surely it’s just a white kitchen? Yes, it is, but it’s what they’ve done with the finish that truly stands out for us. Traditional kitchens are usually done in a wood or wood effect format, that is not the case here, as discussed, it has the makings of a contemporary door. The finish however, is traditional. Matt finishes are great for those looking for a functional and ready to go kitchen style that would suit any home environment and we’re pretty sure, we will see more finishes like this in years to come.

Once again, it’s a case of with this white kitchen, you can mix with traditional materials or contemporary. You could have earth worktops or granite or quartz, whatever was your preference to do the job required to make your kitchen truly exceptional.

Do you struggle to see where your next kitchen ideas or design may be? Is it hard to imagine colours or what could be achieved with a beautiful kitchen like the White Satin? That’s what we’re here for. We have in house designers and planners that can help you with these kinds of choices as well our social media channels like Pinterest which can help with giving you some great ideas.

In 25 years of delivering great kitchen quality, the White Satin stands out for us as a kitchen that understands the understated, but makes the family room of the house, the home.


A PVC foil laminated on MDF

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  • Stunningly understated
  • Available in a variety of door styles
  • Perfect for the contemporary look

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