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With a history dating back as early as the renaissance and used in pieces of artwork, this natural stone which is formed under the earth from extreme conditions and used to be flowing molten rock hardens to be one of the world’s strongest minerals, second only to diamonds

Because granite is so durable it is resistant to blistering, scratching, cracking and scorching. This stone material has become a firm favourite in the kitchen as a worktop surface; polished granite with a high gloss finish reflects natural and artificial light beautifully adding a sense of space and elegance to any room. When it comes to cleaning, granite is simple; water and a cloth.

Granite worktops are the solid surface of choice, and with over 50 choices available in our showroom you can see what will work with your choice of kitchen and other interior style colourings and choices.

How do you install granite worktops?

Granite worktops are like other surfaces in their most basic format; during your kitchen design stage the measurements are taken for your granite worktop and then, once you place your order, Stefano and his team plan the next stage which is the templating stage.

Templating for this worktop material is a delicate and skillful process. Our partners first come to your house when the base units are installed, at this point they will take measurements and understand from the design process what it is you are looking for in terms of finish and any other details that are required to install your solid surface worktops.

Once the template is created, it takes between 5-7 working days to manufacture your granite worktop surface. At this point, the temporary worktop is taken away and your worktop installation begins.

As with all kitchens no matter the worktop dimensions, you are receiving a unique size, style and fitting but with this particular material, this requires a lot more detail and execution to make sure it fits right. We work with professional, fully accredited manufacturers and fitters throughout the whole process to ensure that the final look and feel of your kitchen is exceptional.

What other considerations do I need for natural stone worktops?

As this a natural stone so the sample that you pick for your worktop will be matched to the sample, however, because it is a natural stone there can sometimes be slight variances of colour. We always work to ensure that the granite worktop that you select matches your end finish.

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  • Reflects light to provide beautiful finish and enhance your space
  • Resistant to heat, scratching, cracking and scoring
  • Priced to mid-high range
  • Over 50 colours to choose from our showroom

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