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Laminate worktops have been in the eye of many kitchen and property developers for over 50 years

The more popularly associated laminate brand, Formica has been on the market since the early 1930’s and has proven to be a cost effective and durable solution for many homes over the years.

Because laminate worktops are cheaper than their stone counterparts, they have developed a bad reputation which is unfounded; luckily over the last few years, both quality and colours have developed into something that have had designers and homeowners proud to have in their home.

How do you install laminate worktops?

Unlike the templating solutions needed for stone and composite materials, (granite, quartz, corian) the installation of a laminate worktop is relatively straightforward.

Stefano and his team order your solid wood worktop to measurement and take into consideration a variety of design and practical kitchen solutions that you require in your living space in the design and installation of your work surface.

Cutting out the necessary spaces for your hob and sink is done in our onsite factory and finished in our onsite workspace to ensure precision and quality control. Once the worktop sits on your units and we are happy with the installation we proceed to sealing the product on your base units.

What other considerations for a laminate worktop do I need to have?

Laminate worktops are ultimately an organic material that is stained and varnished to ensure a beautiful look and feel to your kitchen. However, as it is a natural product and because it is a product that is reactive with heat and scratching you need to take some basic, common sense precautions.


Heat is an issue with laminate worktops. You will need pan stands and heat resistant mats when placing hot items (from the oven, grill, hob) on to the worksurface.


Laminate worktops can scratch, therefore we advise that you buy a good chopping board or two and never cut bread or meats directly on your worksurface.


Wiping down your tops does no damage, however water damage can happen with your laminate top especially if it is immersed in water for a long time, so be sure to wipe down any areas where prolonged exposure happens, i.e. your sink area.

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  • Laminate product that is quick and easy to install
  • Comes in a wide range of colours
  • High quality product suitable for many different living styles
  • Be careful with heat and scratching

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