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Solid Wood

Solid wood worktops have featured heavily in kitchen design for the last 100 years

With French cottage kitchens being the biggest inspiration to the heavy American influences in the early 1980’s we have seen many different styles come in kitchen design and features that have stood the test of time, and solid wood worktops are certainly up there as a benchmark for timeless kitchen pieces.

Whether it’s the colour or durability, solid wood worktops provide a great homely feel whilst also maintaining a level of the minimalist chic that they have come known to hold. Two of the big advantages with a solid wood worktop are the following; the older the product gets, the better it looks with ageing and secondly, because it’s solid, should you mark or scratch your surface, you can have the product re-sanded, oiled and maintained; particularly handy when compared to a surface such as formica or more costly alternatives like, quartz, granite or corian.

With up to 40 different solid wood worktop varieties to choose from we work with the leading industry partners to ensure quality, look, style and finish for your dream kitchen.

How do you install solid wood worktops?

Unlike the templating solutions needed for stone and composite materials, (granite, quartz, corian) the installation of a wooden worktop is relatively straightforward.

Stefano and his team order your solid wood worktop to measurement and take into consideration a variety of design and practical kitchen solutions that you require in your living space in the design and installation of your work surface.

Cutting out the necessary spaces for your hob and sink is done in our onsite factory and finished in our onsite workspace to ensure precision and quality control. Once the worktop sits on your units and we are happy with the installation we proceed to sealing the product on your base units.

What considerations do I need to think of with solid wood worktops?

Solid wood worktops are ultimately an organic material that is stained and varnished to ensure a beautiful look and feel to your kitchen. However, as it is a natural product and because it is a product that is reactive with heat and scratching you need to take some basic, common sense precautions.


Heat is an issue with solid wood worktops. You will need pan stands and heat resistant mats when placing hot items (from the oven, grill, hob) on to the worksurface.


Solid wood worktops can scratch, therefore we advise that you buy a good chopping board or two and never cut bread or meats directly on your worksurface.

Oiling your solid wood worktop

You have a product that has an oil applied to it. This is normal to keep the look and finish immaculate, however you will need to keep the surface oiled. Manufacturers recommend between every 3 – 6 months.


Staining your solid wood worktop is relative easy so you need to take care in protecting your material. Make sure you always wipe down your surfaces after any kind of liquid has made contact, and never let any

How can I maintain my solid wood worktop?

Cleaning a solid wood worktop is simple. Warm soapy water should be used once a week to release any stubborn surface contaminant, however daily cleans are essential (as with all worktops) and a simple damp cloth and surface cleaner will be sufficient.

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Using the latest in wooden worktop material including oak, bamboo and iroko.

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